It’s a SELLERS Market

One thing we know after 30 years helping people move from business ownership to their next opportunity – is how to look at the business marketplace.

And while we thought 2024 was going to be a big year for mergers and acquisitions in the Freight Forwarding and Customs Broker business – it’s proving to be even better than we predicted.

So if you are contemplating your next move – whether it’s a new venture or finally enjoying the fruits of your years of hard work – 2024 is THE TIME to do it.

Selling a business is not a 30 day process. It takes time to prepare your business for sale, do the market analysis and identify potential buyers, so the best time to start the process is yesterday!

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It's time to sell your business

For Buyers

Freight Forwarding and Transportation Businesses for Sale (Exclusive Albion Listings)

Are you in the market to GROW or expand your business through acquisition? Or maybe you’re looking for an established entry into the world of Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokers?

You are in the right place! Albion is in the unique position of connecting with business owners before they come to market. And because we spend so much time getting these companies ready for sale, it’s the ideal BUYERS experience as well.

No chasing financials. No questionable claims or unaccounted for expenses – we provide a smooth buyer experience that begins with matching you with the RIGHT company that’s ready to sell.

See our current listings below, then reach out for what’s coming NEXT!

Customs Clearance

Albion Client 2412

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Albion Mergers and Acquisitions proudly presents a distinguished company with a rich history and a robust service offering. Established in…

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Denver Customs House Brokerage

Gateway GHB, Denver Customs Broker Business SOLD Diverse Customer Base – Fully Automated – Continuously Profitable ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY – SOLD NOVEMBER 2023…

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Why Albion Can Sell YOUR Business...

… Better than ANYONE

Specialty Transportation Business Brokerage

For over 30 years we’ve been focused on helping owners of transportation and freight related business sell their businesses. And we’ve got HUNDREDS of successful deals under our belts.

All that experience that the team at Albion has gives us a unique place in the market. Meaning that since we know your business we know where the buyers are and how to reach them. Your successful sale is our success!

About Us

Albion is a Sellers Brokerage

Of course, Albion Mergers and Acquisitions has a great relationship with business BUYERS! After all, in 30 years of brokerage we’ve helped quite a few further their businesses by connecting them with the right seller.

But at our core, our goal is to help YOU, the seller, craft the right exit strategy for your transportation business or customs related company. In other words, in every deal you can trust we have your best interests at heart.

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Valuation, Strategy and Deal Structure

Since we’ve been specializing in the transportation industry helping customs brokerages, freight forwarders, trucking and logistics companies sell, we’ve learned a lot about how the structure of the deal can make a difference.

The right valuation and strategy not just for the sale of the business, but how the deal itself is structured to make the most sense for you and your long-term plans, is the secret sauce you ONLY get from an experienced broker.

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What We Do

Seller Mergers and Acquisitions Services

We approach each project as uniquely as your business. Our knowledge lets us mold the M&A process to fit your organization and the goals of its stakeholders. With an extensive network and knowledge, we will help you move smoothly through the M&A lifecycle.

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Company Valuations: Get an Accurate, Up-to-Date Valuation From the Experts

Business valuation is the combination of a multitude of factors such as its stage of development, physical assets, growth potential and overall economic health. When considering a potential exit strategy or the goal of selling the business as a viable asset, it's important to have an accurate valuation completed by industry experts.

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Where do you start?

This is one of the most common questions as we begin a relationship with a potential client. Where do I start if I want to sell my business? What do I do today if I want to sell my business in 5 years?


It all starts with a conversion with our team. We will help understand your goals and provide the guidance to reach them.